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Strength & Endurance Anabolic Carbohydrate Revolution!

For years, bodybuilders have thought of protein as the key muscle building nutrient and have dismissed the potential of carbohydrates. The fact is, most bodybuilders think that carbohydrates only supply energy. There’s only one problem with this thinking: it’s not true. Now, Carbohydrates are ANABOLIC.

Scientifically formulated and precision engineered for maximum anabolism, CARB MATRIX is a high-octane time-released anabolic carbohydrate matrix that unleashes the anabolic power of carbohydrates for the first time ever. CARB MATRIX makes carbohydrates anabolic and triggers rapid muscle growth by stimulating pancreatic insulin release. The hormone insulin stops cortisol – a muscle wasting hormone - from skyrocketing immediately after exercise and simultaneously stimulates protein synthesis. By suppressing cortisol and increasing protein synthesis, CARB MATRIX triggers anabolism so you build new muscle tissue! CARB MATRIX feeds your muscles glucose when it counts: NOW.  By giving your muscles immediate glucose and ensuring long-term glucose availability, CARB MATRIX makes sure that your muscles are never depleted of glucose. Only revolutionary CARB MATRIX is armed with scientifically proven colostrums that contain immunoglobins, lactoferin, proline-rich polypeptides, cytokines and vitamins. These scientifically proven colostrums fortify your immune system, protecting you from over-training symptoms while simultaneously further speeding your recovery and muscle growth!

• Increases Immediate and Long-Term Energy
• Builds Muscle
• Increases Strength
• Enhances Endurance
• Prevents Muscle Wasting
• Speeds Recovery
• Boosts Immune System

Get anabolic CARB MATRIX and experience the anabolic power for yourself!
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Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Fructose, Colostrum.

Suggested Use: Mix one serving CARB Matrix (2 scoops) with your favorite beverage, protein shake, or pre-workout drink. Drink 30 minutes before energy is required.

For Weight Gain: Drink 3 — 6 servings per day.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent disease.